The Historian

Textile and dress have been a huge part of my life since first studying GCSE textiles in 1997. Although I fear my passion began much earlier than that. My mother worked for Courtaulds before I was born.  She has often told me stories of how she was given the latest cloth to make into a new dress or skirt to wear to work.  Clients would then see how magnificent the cloth looked when made into an item of clothing. Hence, I grew up with my mother making me dresses and knitting me cardigans.

A leisurely activity was sewing book marks or knitting (badly in my case).  I made my prom dress when I finished by GCSE’s and things have developed from there – from a textile and dress maker to a historian.

Areas of interest:

19th and 20th century dress and textile
The relationship between fashion and theatre
1920s-1930s dress trimmings
1920s-1930s dress / fashion
The corset
The Victorian and Edwardian era’s
The relationship between historical textiles and contemporary interpretation
Gloves – fabric, skin and knit
Cloth – woven, knitted and felted

2012, Associateship of the Museums Association (AMA)
2007, MA Museums & Galleries: History of Textiles & Dress, Winchester School of Art University of Southampton
2005, BA (Hons) Textiles, Goldsmiths College University of London


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